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About Us

METEL, Who we are ?

Since 1996, the mission of METEL Ltd has been to research and produce a value added security & automation systems. The in-house R&D team of hardware and software experts is constantly working on innovative solutions that can stand up to critical infrastructure systems.

After 23 years of experience gathering with METEL s.r.o. worked as a technical leader in the field of unified network infrastructure for security and automation systems. We are currently supplying the third generation of modular LAN-RING network infrastructure. In addition to conventional LAN and fiber optic ports, it also includes a wide choice of digital and analog inputs / outputs, serial interfaces and PLCs for processing measured values.

And what our main strengths are?

We have everything under control
Our HW + SW solutions we completely develop in the EU!

We love nature
Our equipment is therefore low in power consumption and is designed for 10+ years of operation.

We are flexible
We like to adapt our products to the special requirements of our customers

You can find our products on all continents. From America, through Europe, Africa to Asia.
We believe they will attract you as well.

METEL Ltd is a value added technological privately held company with headquarters in the Czech Republic.

ISO 9001:2009 Certificate

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