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IF Modules for PLCs IPLOG GAMA


  • All IF modules are designed to fit into the IF Slot 1 and 2 interfaces on MOTHERBOARDs.
  • IF modules with RS485 interface are also compatible with standalone IO modules which can be used for communication with PLC IPLOG-GAMA by MIOS-2 protocol at speeds of up to 1Mbps, communication with LAN-RING switch by MIOS-2 protocol at speeds of up to 19,2 kbps or communication with a 3rd party PLC by protocol MODBUS-RTU at speeds of up to 56 kbps.

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To choose the optimal modifications, we have prepared for you an ONLINE CONFIGURATOR with links to price quotations.

Made in Czech Republic

Additional information:

Drivers & Software
Drivers & Software
Aplication note
Aplication note
 Examples of programs
Examples of programs


Examples of programs

  Order name Code
2 IF-01 0001-0001
  2x RS485
2 IF-01G 0002-0002
  2x RS485, Galvanic Separation
2 IF-02 0003-0003
  2x RS232 (Rx, Tx)
2 IF-02G 0004-0004
  2x RS232 (Rx, Tx), Galvanic Separation
2 IF-04G 0006-0006
  DALI, RS485, Galvanic Separation
2 IF-05 0007-0007
  1x RS485, 2x 10-bit Alarm / Digital Input (5V)
2 IF-06 0008-0008
2 IF-07G 0009-0009
  1x RS485, 1-wire, Galvanic Separation
2 IF-11 0013-0013
  Wiegand, 2x 10-bit Alarm / Digital Input (5V)
2 IF-12 0014-0014
  4x 10-bit Alarm / Digital Input (5V)
2 IF-15 0018-0018
  4x Outputs Open Collector
2 IF-15G 0019-0019
  4x Outputs Open Collector, Galvanic Separation
2 IF-18G 0023-0023
  IF module with 1x LORA-EP1 interface for connection of LORA-EP1 module, 1x RS485 MODBUS-RTU with galvanic isolation for connection of IO modules and sensors
6 IF-09 0011-0011
  M-BUS, RS485
6 IF-13 0015-0015
  RS232 (Rx, Tx, RTS, CTS)
6 IF-13G 0016-0016
  RS232 (Rx, Tx, RTS, CTS), Galvanic Separation
1 IF-08G 0010-0010
  Profibus, Galvanic Separation
1 IF-14G 0017-0017
  4x Digital Input, Galvanic Separation
1 IF-21A 0026-0026
  2x 10-bit Alarm / Digital Input (5V), 1x relay output
1 IF-21B 0027-0027
  2x Digital Input (24V), 1x relay output
1 IF-22G 0025-0025
  IF module with 1x interface for connection of GPS-EP1 module, 1x RS232 with galvanic isolation


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  • *1 Full production
  • *8 Temporarily unavailable
  • *3 N/A / Total sale
  • *7 Build to order
  • *2 Clearance sale
  • *9 Unavailable

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