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During many years of experience in the development and production of safety and automation systems, we have been involved in a lot of successful projects around the world. Our products are currently part of systems in South and North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. In this part of our website you will find a selection of a typical applications of our products, with an emphasis on their main benefits that have helped us to succeed.




Energy Independence

Renewable energy sources are still an undervalued gift of nature and a path to a so-called green, low-carbon economy. It is important to think not only economically, but because of the state of our planet ,to take responsibility for its future and to redirect the generation of our children from commerce back to common sense. It is not simple of course. For decades, we have been living in a fortunate era of energy monopolies. We regularly pay invoices and forget that almost free energy is available for all of us. Perhaps,you will argue that the price of kWh produced using your own solar, hydropower or wind power plant is not always lower than the one bought. However, in particular, a sense of independence and respect for the environment adds an extra invaluable value to it. I personally verified it, after buying a piece of land outside of town. Electricity, water, and gas are so out of reach we can not rely on them. In the spring ,I planted a vineyard, a few fruit trees and some vegetables. That's why I started looking for a way to get enough energy for a planned security system and pumping water from a well. In such a situation I recommend starting to "google". Using combined ideas, and adding my own know how and tried it out. In Czech we say that "No scholar fell from the sky", so if something goes wrong the first time, try, try and try it again, ...


The aim of connecting separate safety and automation systems into a single system is to give each individual part additional added value. Without them, connection loses sense. METEL has long time experience in the development and production of network elements that enables such connections at the following levels:

Automation and Control

Automation and control systems can be generally defined as systems minimizing unnecessary human intervention. They have a positive influence, for example, on


The intelligence of all our industrial switches and PLCs are CPU modules of our own production, have a uniform set of configuration tools. Therefore, the customer need not learn different configuration procedures for the different types of switches and PLCs.


Overvoltage is a physical phenomenon which, for various reasons and from time to time, occurs and spreads in electrical systems. The most common causes of overvoltage can be divided into:
- Atmospheric overvoltage during storms
- Overvoltage resulting from the discharge of static electricity
- Transients caused by switching on and off
- Transients occuring in the case of failures

Fiber Optic Technique

Fiber technology revolutionized the telecommunications industry in the 1970s and played an important role in the rapid advancement of IT and related industries. Compared to standard electrical data transmission over copper conductors, optical fibers have a great advantage, especially in their resistance to electromagnetic interference and large bandwidth.


The entire development and production chain of software and hardware is situated in the Czech Republic. Processors and other programmable parts come exclusively from renowned manufacturers. Thanks to this and other measures, we are able to guarantee the cyber security of our solutions.

Smart & IoT Solutions

The IPLOG system combines independent technologies based on IP cameras, audio systems, analogue and digital sensors, including their analytical tools, into one functional unit. The resulting solution helps to optimize the operation of control systems in many buildings and increase the level of their security.