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Firmware of LAN-RING switches and PLCs IPLOG support the sending of e-mails over a SMTP server.

There are two ways of sending e-mails:

  1. During generation of each allowed trap an e-mail is sent to one address marked as „Logger“. The message contains the time, trap OID, value and index. This function is called SMTP Logger and can be used e.g. for logging of SNMP traps in the form of e-mails. They are usually not in comparison with SNMP ports, blocked by firewalls.
  2. E-mail sending can be set also as an automatic action in menu „EVENTS“. An e-mail can be sent to up to 5 addresses. The sending of each piece of information is set separately for each address. Each person thus receives only the e-mails intended for them and is not bothered with redundant information.

Example of Sending OID:

Picture 1

Example of E-mail Sending on Activation of IN1:

Picture 2