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Digital Inputs and Relay outputs

During the implementation of security systems projects, the digital input and output function available in LAN-RING switches is useful.

Digital inputs and outputs enable transmission of two-state information in modes:

CLOSE – if input is switched (closed), a defined event will be performed. Typical usage – START button that activates a pulse at the relay output for the opening of a gate.

OPEN – if input is disconnected (open), a predefined automatic action will be performed. Typ. usage – setting of OPEN mode for a door contact. When the door opens, the device sends HTTP/ONVIF command for turning the camera to a PRESET, displaying text, etc.

CHANGE – status information is sent in the event of any changes in input.

DIRECT – input status is periodically copied to a set output. This mode is usually used to transmit an input status directly to a relay output(s). Digital input status can be transmitted to local output(s) or using ETH option to output(s) of a remote device.

Event example:

Picture 1