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Secure Network Infrastructure Sharing

Communication between configuration software SIMULand and the devices are encrypted with an AES algorithm and protected against unauthorized changes in transmitted data by hash algorithm SHA1. The switches thus comply with EN 62676-1-2 secure communication requirements.

If the switches are used for transmission of alarm systems data and are subject to EN50131-1, different VLAN [2] and QoS [1] must be used for separate services. We recommend assigning the highest QoS to the I&HAS system and the 2nd highest to the management, according to the list below:

Picture 1Remote access to switch management can be restricted based on the source of IP addresses [3] or banned completely by filling in zero IP address ( [3]. Nevertheless, it is always accessible via USB port for local configuration (password protected) or RESET to default settings.

Default setting from FW56: VLAN Enabled, Management VLAN = 1 [2] /PRIO=7 [1]

Compliance of 2G-2S.0.2.F, 2G-2S.0.3.F, 2G-2S.3.0.F and 2G-2S.1.4.F switches are in accordance with EN 50131-1 has been verified by trials in the independent test laboratory Testalarm, to security levels 1 to 4. In applications where LAN-RING systems are used as transmission routes for I&HAS systems the following rules must be adhered to.