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Mining, Distribution and Processing of Fuel

MND Group

Fiber optic and IP converters METEL have been installed in the areas of mining and storage of oil in MND Group.


MERO ČR, a. s. owns and operates Czech parts of the Družba and IKL oil pipelines. Fiber optic converters provide for the security of their oil storage tanks with the storage capacity of up to 1.550.000 m3.

RWE Transgas

RWE Transgas pipelines are secured by tens of METEL fiber optic converters.


PKN Orlen is the most significant Polish company in the industry of fuel processing and distribution. We have equppied Płock refining plant with IP converters LAN-BUS.


Transpetrol is the mot significant Slovak pipeline company providing operation and security of the Slovak part of Družba oil pipeline. METEL fiber optic and and IP converters have been installed within the Transpetrol premises.


OKD (Ostravsko-karvinské doly/ Ostrava-Karvina mines) use our intrinsically safe converters EXDW-PRO1 in their coal mines.