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Traffic Infrastructure

Prague Airport (CZ)

More than 1200 pieces of correction galvanic separators BREAK-OK have been installed at the Prague Airport Ruzyne (Vaclav Havel Airport).

Bratislava Airport (SK)

Security systems of M.R.Š. Airport in Bratislava are equipped with our fiber optic converters.

Prague Subway (CZ)

During the subway reconstruction in 2006 we supplied:

  • Video splitters
  • Central synchronization modulators and demodulators
  • Video signal loss detectors

for over 200 CCTV cameras.

Highway Azerbaijan

The highway monitoring system in the hot environment of a semi-desert is based on ring topology of LAN-RING industrial switches.

Highway Praha - Hradec Králové(CZ)

The highway monitoring system is based on LAN-RING ring topology. For the installation, industrial switches with increased optic power and range of up to 60km were used.

Prague South Highway Circle (CZ)

The highway monitoring system including the highway tunnels is based on the ring topology of LAN-RING industrial switches.