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Secured Management

A common feature of all our switches and PLCs is compatibility with SIMULand.v4 and encrypted communications via SNMPv3 protocol. SIMULand and its graphical interface make available configuration for a wide range of users. In accordance with standard requirements, communication is exclusively secured by the AES encryption algorithm and the SHA1 hash algorithm against unauthorized changes of transmitted data.

Other important elements increasing security of LAN-RING system are:
1. Transferring of transmission system statuses to integration software using encrypted protocol SNMPv3. For integration to other programs, we provide MIB files.

Finding of all Devices in the Network








2. Further security features increasing overall security of the system are e.g. virtual networks (VLAN), restriction of access to the management based on the IP address of the host or USB management with complete elimination of remote management.

Access Restriction in Accordance with IP SA



















3. Use of optical fibers for protection against unauthorized reading (interception) and modification of transmitted information.

4. Support of LAN-RING.v2 technology, guaranteeing switching of data to a back-up route in 30ms. More details can be found on following pages.

5. When transmitting data from alarm systems designed according to EN 50131-1 the following rules apply:

  • All frames are identified with VLAN headers according to IEEE 802.1Q.
  • Alarm system data have QoS bits set to the highest priority.
  • The activity of all transmission system ports can be monitored via SNMP protocol.

The result is a durable solution minimizing security risks.