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Energy Independence

Renewable energy sources are still an undervalued gift of nature and a path to a so-called green, low-carbon economy. It is important to think not only economically, but because of the state of our planet ,to take responsibility for its future and to redirect the generation of our children from commerce back to common sense. It is not simple of course. For decades, we have been living in a fortunate era of energy monopolies. We regularly pay invoices and forget that almost free energy is available for all of us. Perhaps,you will argue that the price of kWh produced using your own solar, hydropower or wind power plant is not always lower than the one bought. However, in particular, a sense of independence and respect for the environment adds an extra invaluable value to it. I personally verified it, after buying a piece of land outside of town. Electricity, water, and gas are so out of reach we can not rely on them. In the spring ,I planted a vineyard, a few fruit trees and some vegetables. That's why I started looking for a way to get enough energy for a planned security system and pumping water from a well. In such a situation I recommend starting to "google". Using combined ideas, and adding my own know how and tried it out. In Czech we say that "No scholar fell from the sky", so if something goes wrong the first time, try, try and try it again, ...

If you are interested in some of the described methods, we will be happy to share our experience with you