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We recommend that you separate all independent systems with virtual networks (VLANs) and assign them the appropriate priorities. The result is the coexistence of multiple systems on one network, without undue interference. Especially when using LAN-RING switches as transmission paths for the alarm system (I&HAS), this setting is necessary. Alarm systems are very sensitive to delays caused by data transmission over the LAN. The great advantage of LAN-RING switches in such a situation is the possibility to use separate VLANs and priorities for data coming over the LAN, but also from the RS485 buses and other inputs and outputs.

LAN-RING's important security features are virtual networks (VLANs) that divide the network into mutually separated parts and QoS for assigning priorities to the transmitted data

Assignment the VLANs and QoS priorities to the LAN port


It is an extremely important to set a unique VLAN and high priority (QoS) for the RS485 ports used to connect ASSET, DOMINUS, and GALAXY alarm systems.

Assignment the VLANs and QoS priorities to the RS485 port