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IEEE 802.1X Authentication

The IEEE 802.1X standard distinguishes 3 types of devices:

Supplicant - The end user of the network that must be authenticated before accessing the network (PC technician, camera).

Authenticator - Serves the access point for the Supplicant. In LAN-RING networks, any managed switch with fw 62 or higher can have this role.

Authentication server - Usually it is a RADIUS server that decides to allow / deny access to the network. In 802.1X authentication systems, we recommend that you install at least 2 redundant servers. At least, one of them should be located in a secure room (tamper, EZS) directly on the protected object.


LAN-RING & IPLOG allows system integrators to build a complete IEEE802.1X network infrastructure system independent of other vendors.

METEL Authentication Server - For the IPLOG-GAMA controllers we have developed the OPKG package "freeradius-server". The major advantage of the control units is their industrial operating temperature range from -40 °C to +70 °C. Unlike conventional servers, controllers can be deployed in very harsh environments.

METEL Authenticator / Supplicant - L2 and L3 LAN-RING switches support the authentication of end devices in accordance with IEEE 802.1X.