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LAN-RING Advantages

RING Topology

One of the fundamental elements of the security system LAN-RING is fast data forwarding to a back-up line. Since 2008, this function has been performed by LAN-RING.v1 protocol with a switchover time of 30ms from the failure. Each ring in the system has a unique ID and one switch with the MASTER function (controls the ring). The higher port of the MASTER switch is normally set to a BLOCKING mode, hence preventing a loop. A port in BLOCKING mode receives only LAN-RING frames and blocks the other data (back-up line). If a failure occurs, the state of the blocked port changes to FORWARDING and starts to transmit all data.


The RSTP-M protocol is a modified version of the RSTP protocol, optimized for use in security and automation systems.

Event Management

The LAN-RING industrial switch software includes the Event Management tool set in the Extension menu. The user can set up to 64 automatic actions. The event management switch is also able to communicate directly with the PLC IPLOG where the control program written in the FBD, LD, ST or IL language described in IEC 61131-3 is running. Event management has the potential to significantly increase the value of your system and customize the system to the customer's requirements.

Connection to a PLC IPLOG

Connecting the industrial LAN-RING switch to the IPLOG-GAMA PLC controller allows for the implementation of even the most complex control actions.

HTTP and ONVIF Commands for Camera Control

Switches and IPLOGs units support controlling 8, 16 or 32 cameras or other IP devices via HTTP and ONVIF Profile S protocols. HTTP tool in devices can use GET and PUT methods with a length of command of up to 128B. The advantage of direct control from switches or IPLOGs units is a high speed response in milliseconds, compared to hundreds of ms when controlling cameras from servers.

Advanced IP Watchdogs

LAN-RING switches and IPLOG PLC support advanced IP Watchdogs that not only monitor the availability of IP devices but are also capable of performing a wide range of automatic actions in the case of a problem being detected.

Monitoring of Optical Rings and Ethernet Ports

For maximum safety, we recommend constantly monitoring the status of all optical rings. In the event of the first disruption of the optical ring the data is redirected to a backup route and the system continues to function. However, there can occur a second fault, after which, part of the system will be non-functioning. Event Management includes a variety of tools for early detection of faults. Moreover, it is able to monitor and control the (on / off) status of any ethernet or optical port.

ETHernet Events

A completely new concept of Event Manager allows you to set events across devices. Just select the input device, its input and in the same menu as well an output device and its output.

TCP Events

Modern IP cameras can in the case of motion detection or loud noises send TCP events that can serve as another input of Event management METEL.


Firmware of LAN-RING switches and PLCs IPLOG support the sending of e-mails over a SMTP server.

Digital Inputs and Relay outputs

During the implementation of security systems projects, the digital input and output function available in LAN-RING switches is useful.

Balanced Alarm Loops

Digital inputs of switches and IPLOG monitoring units can be switched to ALARM mode supporting balanced loops used in alarm systems.

RS485 Buses

Industrial switches LAN-RING and PLCs IPLOG offer a variety of operating modes for serial buses interfaces. In the switches are primarily found RS485 buses, which can be configured to a wide range of operating modes.

Secure Network Infrastructure Sharing

Communication between configuration software SIMULand and the devices are encrypted with an AES algorithm and protected against unauthorized changes in transmitted data by hash algorithm SHA1. The switches thus comply with EN 62676-1-2 secure communication requirements.

Overvoltage Protections

All ports are protected against overvoltage. Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) on the devices is higher, helping to minimize maintenance costs.

Support of Monitoring and Visualization Software

Switches support a wide range of monitoring and visualization software.