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UDP Extension of Serial Buses over LAN

UDP Extension of Serial Buses over LAN

In extensive alarm systems, we quite often face the need to extend serial RS485/422 buses over LAN. For this reason we have developed managed industrial switches LAN-RING, converters miniLAN and LAN-485 equipped with serial interface RS485/RS422/RS232.


The main advantage of UDP communication is the ability to communicate with multiple counterparties. A typical application is the interconnection of security alarm systems with system modules, readers and keypads. Metallic bus RS485 or RS422 is replaced by a "virtual" bus shared over UTP or optical fiber with other systems. To ensure reliable communication, due to the sensitivity of security systems and delay in fragmentization, it is necessary to optimize the conversion to and from the UDP protocol. For this reason, we test each system thoroughly and, if necessary, we adjust the way of fragmentization of data into datagrams, to implement communication protocol commands, etc.

Necessary settings is provided in two easy menus.

Setting of Multicast Addresses

Data from serial buses are transmitted in both directions using multicast addresses. One of the main advantages of this type of communication is the ability to interconnect multiple points without the need to multiply data flow due to establishment of separate connections (TCP). That means that even for 100 terminal points (modules) ony one stream is used.


Setting of Communication Protocol

For UDP the following options are used:

  • RS485 - suitable for systems ATS, Ronyo, etc.
  • Dominus - optimized for Dominus systems
  • Galaxy - optimized for Galaxy systems


Example Interconnection and configuration



Updated: 26. 02. 2020