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Transmission of Audio Signal for Non-Evacuation Audio Systems

Industrial switches 200M-ADAM.E and ADAM.E8 are a transmission system for non-evacuation audio systems. It is possible to connect them in a point-to-point or ring topology, guaranteeing full system functionality even in the event of a cable interruption. The switches automatically detect the interruption and route the transmitted data to a back-up line. This routing of data to a back-up line is indicated by a relay output.

Audio IP přenos

For the switch setting application SIMULand is used. A customer can set the switch to modes

  • Encoder - switch converts analog audio signal to a UDP stream
  • Decoder - switch converts a UDP stream back to analog audio signal
  • Duplex - transmission of audio signal is fully duplex

Veškeré parametry

For transmission of audio signal you can choose from PCM and MP3 codecs.


Updated: 30. 11. -0001