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More Than Just Industrial Switches

Since theintroduction of LAN-RING, we have placed a great emphasis on its long-term reliability and safety. All supplied hardware and software are therefore developed in our own development center. With robust design and with 10 years or more lifetime, high security and and a wide range of switches, IO modules, and PLCs, the LAN-RING system is widely useable in the security and building automation systems.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Operating Range −40°C to +70°C
  • PoE up to 95W
  • Universal Serial RS485 Interfaces
  • Integrated Overvoltage Protections
  • Event Management
  • Redundant Ring Topology

The LAN-RING protocol managing REDUNDANT RING TOPOLOGY guarantees extremely fast redirection of data to a functional route without losing the camera TCP connection. We emphasize CYBERSECURITY. A common feature of all our switches is compatibility with the SIMULand.v4 application with an encrypted MGMT, support of Radius authentication and the possibility to access via the VPN and and support of other security features.

LAN-RING switches offer multi-purpose Event management and the possibility to set up to 64 automatic actions. In addition, switches allow you to share physical and virtual IOs with Linux based PLC IPLOG and use it to create advanced control programs in IEC61131-3 languages. This powerful tool can greatly enhance the value of your system and increase its security.

THE UNIVERSAL SERIAL RS485 Interfaces makes it possible to use the LAN-RING switches also as a transmission path for RS485 alarm system buses certified in accordance with EN50131-1 or connecting MODBUS-RTU devices.

With our industrial switches, you don't have to worry about extreme weather conditions. Effective passive cooling ensures long-term reliable operation within the Operating Range −40°C to +70°C. LAN-RING switches are used in a number of critical infrastructure systems where they are able to withstand storms and other surge voltages through INTEGRATED OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTIONS.
The LAN-RING switches support PoE UP to 95W, including double PD devices such as PTZ cameras with required separate PoE detection on data and spare pairs.