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IPLOG A Way to Create a System with Added Value

In 2018 we reached a crossroad and made a vital decision. We began the production of the new IPLOG-GAMA open source Linux and IDE 61131-3 controllers, the door was opened to all creative customers who prefer value-added systems.

Control Logic
With the free software METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE, you can create programs in text (ST, IL) and graphical languages (LD, FBD) using hundreds of available functions and function blocks. Additionally, libraries include specialized features for:

  • Control of cameras with ONVIF protocol,
  • Intelligent DALI light management protocol
  • Data acquisition from M-BUS meters,
  • Sending emails,
  • Sending and receiving SMS,
    and countless other options.



Cyber Security

When we are developing the IPLOG-GAMA control units, we put great emphasis on safety. The basic software includes Iptables for firewall setup and OpenVPN for encrypted remote access. In critical applications, we recommend using the Radius server application. In conjunction with the LAN-RING system, IPLOG actively prevents access to the system to all unauthorized users and passes incident information to superstructures (SNMP traps) online.


Online Monitoring
With IPLOG, your systems are always within reach. Use the Grafana web app to quickly see their current status and history. With the mobile application for Android and iOS phones, you can not only monitor the systems, but also directly control them. Support of encrypted SNMPv3 protocol for data collection and control from professional extensions, C4, EQU, SBI etc. is a matter of course.

Updated: 26. 02. 2020