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An Audio System Located in a Hospice in Slovakia

This case describes an application designed by ADI Slovakia. The solution has been tested in cooperation with METEL technical support and is waiting for implementation.

The hospice has 75 rooms with radio broadcast distributed via LAN. The rooms are equipped with an AXIS IP loudspeakers and a rotary switches so that residents can turn on / off the radio and adjust the volume themselves. The switches are connected via wire loops to IPLOGs analog inputs. In each position a resistor is attached with a different value. Depending on the position of the rotary switch, IPLOGs send CGI commands to the central software.

Examples of CGI Commands

http://ip_addr/admin/axis-cgi/param.cgi?action=update&AudioSource.A0.OutputGain=mute )
http:// ip_addr/admin/axis-cgi/param.cgi?action=update&AudioSource.A0.OutputGain=-10 )
http:// ip_addr/admin/axis-cgi/param.cgi?action=update&AudioSource.A0.OutputGain=-20 )

Image of Testing

Updated: 02. 03. 2020