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The main idea of this project was to use METEL and Sicurit technologies combined together to provide a fast, cost effective and high quality solution. This project is a good example of how to implement a new security system in an existing building without the need to install a new cabling.

  • Encrypted Management
  • LINUX - Long-Term Stable and Open System
  • FBD & LD - Graphic Programming Languages
  • GSM - Remote Access over 2G / 3G / 4G-LTE
  • LAN - Open IP Solutions
  • COM - Modbus Serial Interface
  • I & O - A Wide Range of Inputs and Outputs

A new Porsche dealership in Italy needed a high security system to protect their showroom and garage. At the same time the system had to communicate with an already existing control panel and video system. The client didn’t want to lay any more cable but only to use the existing ones, because the object was already built and there was no possibility to put new cables in the ground. The only solution was to use the already on-field present IP cables (used also for the IP cameras). The customer chose IPLOG & Absolute PRO combined system, a solution designed to easily collect all the main data of Sicurit IP Native perimeter protection solutions (Absolute PRO - Avantgarde) through the network, with no need for other special wiring. The alarms from 6 Absolute PRO dual technology barriers are collected by the IPLOG located in the control room, nearby the control panel. The IPLOG is uses MODBUS TCP protocol and the received alarms are converted into physical relay contacts, connected to the third party control panel. IPLOG & Absolute PRO integrated system is also able to perform its typical functions related to perimeter protection, like launching a camera to preset actions according to the alarm received, sending of e-mails and SMS (G2 or G3 series) and allowing the system to interact with third party devices. The information that customer chose to collect from each tower were ALARM, TAMPER and a GENERIC BARRIER FAULT. IPLOG provides 8 output relays to:

  • signal to the control panel for the alarms of 6 sectors.
  • a generic field tamper
  • a combined generic fault

All controlled and verified through ABSOLUTE PRO diagnostic software (SICURIT PPS) installed in the same network. IPLOG also provides a watchdog functionallity with e-mail / SMS alarm messages to the client and to the installer if some part of the system will go offline. The customer was offered the possibility of having more output relays for signaling the combined information, but this offer was declined due to the absence of free inputs in the present control panel. 

The experience gained in this and other similar applications has led us to create the IPLOG-G2E-RE82.E and IPLOG-G2E-01-RE82.E, which are optimized for Sicurit ABSOLUTE PRO perimetric applications.

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The system was built as requested without any additional digging and cabling. The only civil work that was done was to install basements for Absolute barriers. The system can be also remotely supervised and maintenanced thanks to Sicurit PPS software presence. This solution provided to the customer the high level of security and low maintenance costs.

Updated: 30. 07. 2020