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Increasing the functionality of the access control system.

Thanks to the ability to create your own applications in the bash scripting language and in C ++ provided by PLC IPLOG-GAMA, it was possible to extend the access control system with the global anti passback function.
Such an implementation was performed by one of our clients who permanently introduced this solution to its offer.

IPLOG maintains a database that collects data from access control readers and provides a global anti passback feature.
This means the access card cannot go inside twice without exiting.
Information collected in the local IPLOG database is also synchronized with the central database of entries and exits.

Another functionality added to the access control system thanks to PLC IPLG-GAMA is data encryption between the alarm control panel and the BMS management system.
IPLOG works in this case as a local transmission encryptor.

Updated: 20. 01. 2022