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Grafana - The Analytics and Visualization Application for PLCs IPLOG

The world is rapidly changing and needs flexible solutions to respond to diverse customer requirements. IPLOG with its online repository is the ideal solution. The customer can easily extend the basic set of tools with an additional freeware applications available on our online repository. One such example, is the analytic platform Grafana. It allows you to create your own dashboards with graphs, tables and alerts to visualize the data stored in the database in an effective way. The architecture of the system is very simple and scalable. It allows the user to deploy it from small systems with only one IPLOG working independently from the internet environment to larger systems with IPLOGs installed in various geographic locations.

Plethora of Visualization Options

In the Visualisation menu you can choose from many options.

Supported by Favorite Web Browsers

Data is displayed directly in popular Chrome / Chromium, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers. It makes Grafana easy to use on mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Sending Alerts

In addition to visualization of current and historical values, Grafana can automatically send email alerts informing users that critical values have been reached in the system. Typical examples are operating temperature monitoring, low battery charge, etc.

Multilevel User Permissions

Grafana users have permissions that are determined by their:

  • Organization Role (Admin, Editor, Viewer)
  • Via Team memberships
  • Via permissions assigned directly to user (on folders, dashboards, data sources)