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Complex Security Infrastructure in a Technological Company

The customer\'s main requirement was to have a cutting edge security solution to solve all security risks related to the new headquarters of their technological company. Therefore METEL LAN-RING industrial switches were used as a universal network infrastructure interconnecting an IP CCTV, Access Control, and PIDS security systems from SICURIT Alarmitalia products for high security purposes.

  • Encrypted Management
  • Operating Range −40°C to +70°C
  • LAN - rozwiązania oparte na IP z PoE+
  • COM - Universal Serial Interfaces
  • Integrated Overvoltage protections
  • Event Management
  • Redundant Ring Topology

A large Italian technological company that was building their new headquarters (over 5000m2) wanted, to protect the high valuable objects stored in their stocks which had been stolen in the past. A cutting-edge security system that had to combine all the security areas such as access control, perimeter protection, CCTV and management platform. Everything needed to run under a redundant fiber optic main structure that needed to prevent security holes in the event of failure. The solution presented was composed by Sicurit Absolute PRO dual tech barriers for the perimeter protection system, Sicurit Hyperpower management platform as the main controller, with all its peripheral devices for detectors collecting alarms, factory light system management and access control, Geutebrück video recording system for CCTV and METEL LAN Switch devices for the network architecture over the optical fiber. The system is divided into independent optical rings, all managed by a 2G.10S.F combo backbone switch located in the main control room. A first layer is dedicated to the perimeter protection, where ABSOLUTE PRO barriers are mounted. The field FO switches (2G.0.3 F-BOX and 2G.0.3 FC-BOX) are directly mounted into the towers and powered by the same power suppliers of the towers. The second ring of switches (2G.0.3 F-BOX and 2G.1.4 BOX) is dedicated to the CCTV, while a third ring is prepared for roof protection. Every optical ring is independent from the others but allows communication between devices connected to different rings. The field switches of the first layer are managed not only the alarms coming from the barriers but also by the Sicurit RS485 bus devices, divided in access modules, remote keyboards and i/o modules. Hyperpower management platform is intended to be the brain of the system, with mansions of access control management, control panel functions, perimeter protection diagnostic and management and company lights system management. The platform also communicates with Geutebrück CCTV system through direct integration.


This project has provided the customer with a high performing, safe and reliable solution. It can be easily used and controlled by customer’s staff responsible for security. The company headquarters are constantly expanding but the solution, due to the technical parameters of all devices, makes allowances for future growth and the possibility for new equipment to be implemented without overloading the existing architecture.

Updated: 30. 11. -0001