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A Body Temperature Measurement

At the turn of 2019/20, a worldwide pandemic broke out. One of the most affected countries was Italy. In cooperation with our Italian partner Sicurit, we managed to prepare a fully automatic solution for measuring the body temperature of people coming into a building. We have extended our PLCs with a popular Onvif protocol which is the newest of modern thermal cameras. Therefore the solution is independent from camera producer and the customer can freely choose an optimal model of the camera. So these solutions are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as supermarkets, hotels, airports, office buildings etc. In the event of detecting a person with an elevated temperature, the camera generates an Onvif event, which is processed in the IPLOG PLC. This specific processing method depends on the program and can be changed very easily. IPLOGs typically control alarm lights, block turn styles via relay outputs, send a SMS to the guards, cooperate with visualization software and have many other useful functions.

Example Program

Updated: 26. 06. 2020