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Smart electric bike chargers

Two companies in the Czech Republic have used the growing popularity of electric bikes in their projects.

One solution is based on a smartphone application that allows payments for e-bike chargers that are located in attractive places for cyclists.

There is a QR code on the e-bike chargers, which, scanned in a mobile application, uniquely identifies a specific location and e-bike charger. By making micropayments, the client activates the charging of his bike for the ordered time. During this time, he can use the cafe or visit the museum. The e-bike chargers has an IPLOG with LTE interface, which receives information from the central server about the purchased bike charging time and unblocks the charger socket.

The second company chose the model consisting in handling cash payments and the possibility of charging more than one bike at a point. In this case, IPLOG is also responsible for controlling the outputs of the charger.

Updated: 20. 01. 2022