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Controlling of Cameras using HTTP Commands Depending on the Status of Digital Inputs

Note: METEL devices = all LAN-RING 2nd and 3rd generation switches with fw. 45 and higher, IPLOG units and VoIP modules that support Event management.

Typical Application

The following devices can be connected to METEL devices through digital inputs

  • PIR sensors
  • Door contacts
  • Twilight switches
  • Thermometers
  • Hygrometers

and IP cameras supporting control over HTTP protocol. Such is the majority and until now (12/2013) we have successfully tested camera manufacturers Axis, Hikvision, Panasonic, Riva, Samsung, Sony, Vivotek...

  • If the PIR sensor detects Alarm, Sabotage, Antimasking or any other condition we want to react to, Event management sends command(s) to the camera(s): set preset, display text, start Pattern.
  • In case of an IP camera stealth, Event management can automatically turn other cameras to expected escape route of the offender, turn on the lights, control el. locks etc.
  • In the event of a camera switchboard opening, the camera is automatically turned to the switchboard
  • Event management can switch the mode of the camera to day/night according to the twilight switch output status

Note: Support of HTTP commands may vary with every manufacturer. When designing a system using HTPP commands, we recommend consulting our technical support.

Settings - 1st Step

Setting of a camera IP address and login information. The controlled camera does not have to be connected directly to a METEL device, where all the HTTP commands are stored, but can be controlled remotely over LAN. It's an easy way to interconnect remote inputs with cameras without any additional wiring.

Settings - 2nd Step

In the second step, you can set the automatic actions. The first example shows settings for AXIS supported cameras:

"If IN2 (ALARM=alarm loop) is in status ALARM turn camera no. 6 to preset no. 3"

Note: HTTP commands for setting of presets and displaying of on-screen text for AXIS cameras are stored directly in the memory of the METEL device.

In case you would like to control cameras of manufacturers other than AXIS, the commands are copied to menu Extension / CAM / User commands and

for their execution, all you need to do is select mode HTTP GET or HTTP PUT and the number of command from menu Extension/CAM/User commands.



Updated: 21. 07. 2020