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IP Watchdog - How to Automatically Reboot a 'Frozen' Camera, Router,...

LAN-RING switches and IPLOG PLC support advanced IP Watchdogs that not only monitor the availability of IP devices but are also capable of performing a wide range of automatic actions in the case of a problem being detected. ARP protocol is used for the monitoring of IP devices availability and thus allowing their use for devices with blocked ICMP protocol (pings).

There are the following possibilities for switches and PLCs:

  • 8 IP Watchdogs in small switches,
  • 16 IP Watchdogs in 19" switches,
  • 32 IP Watchdogs in IPLOG units.

IP Watchdogs Can:

  • Sends E-mails / SNMP Traps,
  • Controls Local / Remote Relays,      
  • Sends HTTP / ONVIF Commands,
  • Turns on / Turns off Ethernet Ports.

Updated: 30. 11. -0001