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Overvoltage Protections ETHERNET + PoE

OVP-100M-BOX are universal overvoltage protections designed for the protection of LAN devices with 10Base-T/100 Base-Tx Interfaces. Version OVP-100M-HIPOE-BOX is a supplement of power supply compatible with PoE/PoE+/High PoE in accordance with to standards IEEE 802.3af or PoE+ IEEE802.3at up to the maximum output power of 90W and a voltage of 60VDC. Grounding PE terminal is galvanically isolated from signal terminals.
Overvoltage protections OVP-100M… can be installed in lightning protection zones:

  • LPZ 0B – outdoor premises in the protected area of a lightning conductor,
  • LPZ 1 – indoor premises behind exterior walls,
  • LPZ 2 - interior of rooms and corridors surrounded by the interior walls of the building,
  • LPZ 3 – interior of shielded rooms or enclosures of el. Devices.

Updated: 11. 03. 2020