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Automatic Configuration Backups

SIMULand.v4 allows version to perform automatic backups of METEL device configurations. The tool helps:

  • detect unwanted configuration changes
  • you may return to last functional configuration if you wish
  • during the retrospective control of the performed activities

Backups can be run manually or automatically at scheduled times, when a user logs on, restarts a computer, and other Task Scheduler triggers. SIMULand also includes tools for easy comparison of backups and a detailed log. The differences of the compared configurations are graphically highlighted in red for better clarity.

The Progress of the Backup

After starting the backup, the automatic download of configurations from the device in the given project will start and its subsequent addition to the list of saved backups.

  • If the new backup does not differ from the last backup, the previous identical backup is replaced by the current backup. The backup is only documented in the log.
  • If the new backup differs from the last backup, the new backup is saved and the progress of the backup is documented in the log.

Manually Start the Backup

Open the desired project and click the Backup now icon from the Project toolbar.

Start Automatic Backup

This method uses Windows Task Scheduler and runs SIMULand.v4 through a command prompt with the appropriate arguments.

1. Start Windows Task Scheduler as an administrator


2. Create a new basic task


3. Fill in the name for the automated task


4. Select a schedule for how often / at what event the backup will be performed


5. Select Run Program as the action


6. The default location of SIMULand.v4 is: "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\METEL\SIMULand.v4\Simuland4.exe" . It is necessary to add the argument -project, which defines the name of the project to be backed up e.g. : -project "MyProject 1" . Another argument that defines the execution of a backup action is: -doBackup . If you use different users to log in to the SIMUland application, you must need to add arguments for the user and his password. -username "Admin" -password "Pass"


7. Finish creating the new task

List of Saved Backups

To view saved backups, right-click on the relevant device in the device list and you will see the item Backups history (Backups: N) number of performed backups in the context menu. Click this item to view or compare the contents of the backup.

View and Compare Content

Open the device context menu and click Backup history (Backups: N). A window will appear showing the contents of the last backup.

This window has the same appearance as a normal device configuration, however, all items are read-only. Another change is the display of a line in which it is possible to compare 2 configurations with each other.

  • Displayed configuration - you select which configuration items and their values you see
  • Base configuration - causes only redness of those items that are different from the Displayed configuration

If the device configuration is downloaded, there are additional items in the drop-down menus:

  • download - configuration downloaded from devices saved in the project
  • project - configuration downloaded from the device saved in the project + user editing

Configuration Recovery

  1. To restore a configuration from a backup, first select the desired backup from the drop-down menu Displayed configuration.
  2. Press the Compare button to see the comparison with the configuration from the Base configuration drop-down menu and unlock the Upload option at the same time.
  3. Press the Upload button. The Configuration Upload window opens, and then the current configuration download begins. Then you will see the number of changes that will be made after pressing the Write button.

Supported Devices

  • Switches
    • E generation
    • F generation
    • DELTA
  • MiniLAN

Updated: 20. 07. 2020