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Securing Alarm Systems Communication

3rd generation industrial switches:

  • 2G-2S.0.2.F,
  • 2G-2S.0.3.F,
  • 2G-2S.3.0.F,
  • 2G-2S.1.4.F,

are certified in accordance with standard EN 50131-1.


Therefore, they can be used as a transmission route for a wide range of alarm systems.


Core measures to ensure security

  • All frames are identified with VLAN headers. The attacker cannot thus see the data from other VLAN than his own and cannot intercept or modify them in any way.
  • All connected systems have a defined bandwidth. The data are then securely delivered to the recipients even in the event of an attempt to overload network with data or in case of DDoS attack directly to the network elements.
  • Alarm system data have QoS bits set to the highest priority.
  • Activity of all ports in the transmission system can be monitored with SNMP protocol and displayed in the extension software.

List of compatible alarm systems