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LoRaWAN - Management and Protection of Water Resources

The Long Range LoRaWAN wireless standard is an optimum monitoring and management solution for remote water resources. IPLOG PLCs with LoRaWAN interface are considerably more flexible than the conventional endpoints focused on measuring 1-2 variables. PLC modularity allows you to build an endpoint with up to dozens of different inputs and outputs. In addition, the endpoint can autonomously perform its own control program written in EN61131-3 programming languages.

  • Wireless & Encrypted Network
  • PLC Based End Nodes
  • A Wide Range of Inputs and Outputs
  • Suitable for OFF GRID Applications

The Long Range Wireless & Encrypted Network
The LoRaWAN combines low data rate and robust modulation to achieve a multi-km communication range. The key benefits are its bidirectional possibilities with a long range radius which is usually 2-5 km in urban areas and 15 km in suburban areas. All LoRaWAN devices encrypt their payload and header with the AES algorithm, using keys of 128 bits.

PLC Based End Nodes
LoRaWAN duty cycle limitations do not allow real time communications. Our end nodes are based on modular PLCs which largely eliminates known LoRa deficiencies. The PLC runs the control program independently of the central server and only the necessary data for visualization, logging, and operator feedback are transmitted via the LoRa network. Typical examples of usage are sensors reading systems for area or buildings monitoring, data collection from weather stations, controlling of pumping water from wells etc.

A Wide Range of Inputs and Outputs
Thanks to the end nodes based at modular PLCs a wide variety of inputs, outputs and serial interfaces can be used. All end nodes can contain up to dozens of inputs and outputs, and functions such as concentrators with the LoRa interface. In addition, sensors and IO modules with LAN, 1-Wire or Modbus interfaces can be connected to the PLC.

Demo OFF-GRID System

We invite all those interested to visit our demo system in Česká Skalice. The system demonstrates solar energy driven pump with remote control and monitoring via LoRaWAN wireless network.

March 2017

The creation of the DEMO system was preceded by the construction of a 50m deep drilled well.

2017 - 2018

The commissioning of the well continued with the construction of a shelter and not very successful tests of a 12V electric motor pump, which was not sufficiently effective and reliable for a water level of around 33m.

May 2019

We have completed the development of the IoT LoRaWAN interface for our IPLOG PLC. For a thorough test we have installed on the well:

The Solar Panels

LoRaWAN End Node

The PLC IPLOG GAMA and Charger

24 VDC Submersible Pump






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