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Without a clean connector, the optics will not work !

Without an inspection video microscope, you will not notice a dirty or damaged connector.

90% of the optical network faults cause connectors - 100% inspection of optical connectors is therefore required.

Optical connectors in the networks are prone to dirt and damage. Up to 90% of the problem on optical networks is caused by the unsuitable condition of the connector. If the connector is damaged or dirty, the insertion attenuation increases and the reflection increases. This adversely affects signal transmission.

Principle 1: Without a thorough inspection by a video microscope with an IEC / IPC evaluation, it is not possible to objectively assess the condition of the connector and its purity.

Principle 2: Unplugged connectors must be protected by a cover and must be cleaned and inspected by a video microscope before each reconnection.

Connector snapshot

Evaluation: dirty connector

Evaluation: clean connector

How to clean the connectors properly - cleaning aids for optics

Cleaning is most often used with isopropyl alcohol and paper napkins. It is necessary to use pure isopropyl alcohol without admixtures and free cloths that do not contaminate the fibers. Practical special cleaning cassettes with cleaning tape, cleaning sticks or pen with cleaning thread are also practical. The advantage of a pen with a cleaning thread that automatically winds and rotates on the face of the connector makes it easy to clean optical patchpanels in switchboards

Container with isopropyl alcohol, clothless napkins, cleaning pen

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