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MB-SECURE System Bus Expansion over Fiber Optic

To reliably extend the MB SECURE bus, we offer long-proven xDW optical converters. With its modern design and digital modulation, it quarantees high-quality data transmission even over mileage. In addition, the fiber-optic extension ensures high immunity to electromagnetic interference. This ensures trouble-free operation in industrial areas, large office buildings and shopping centers with a large number of installed technologies.

  • Plug and Play
  • Operating Range −40°C to +70°C
  • Two-way Communication over One Optical Fiber
  • Universally Applicable on MM or SM Fibers
  • Digital Modulation

Typical Ways of Connecting Optical Converters
For extension of MB-SECURE control panels we produce 2 types of optical converters:

  • TDW and RDW-S-PDS for BUS2 extension,
  • TDW and RDW-S-4C to extend the IB2 and RS485 buses.

Updated: 05. 03. 2020