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Tests of Integrated Surge Protections

After more than twenty years of development and production experience, we can say with full authority that we have achieved the goal we initially set out to, which was to produce facilities with lifetimes of 10 or more years. The evidence of that is also provided in the warranty of 5 years from the end of production on all IP devices. A great deal of this success are surge protectors that have become a fundamental part of all the metallic interfaces of our devices. Their life does not end with the first storm! Depending on the type of device and the intended use, its interfaces are equipped with fine protections or a combination of coarse and fine protections (lightning arresters + transils).  Good examples are industrial switches, where the fast Ethernet ports are tested with a 1000 A pulses in a wave of 8/20 μs.

The video below shows obvious differences between devices (routers, switches) without surge protections that are completely destroyed after the test, and a switch that is still intact after the test and is still working.