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Design and Installation of Printed Circuit Boards

The METEL label on the device means, among the other things, that it is a product developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.  It is also true for the schematic drawings and PCB design. Our specialists use Altium Designer which integrates all of the schematic, mechanics, and circuit board design activities. A sophisticated system of libraries also allows the development team to use Altium designer to manage the used material, including its documentation.

The strategy of designing a schematic and printed circuit boards is also applied to the demanding designs up to 10-layers CPU modules with BGA packages. The final hardware is in 100% under our supervision and, thanks to its perfect ability, we are able to guarantee its proper function and security.

The PCBs of the prototypes and the final serial products are assembled in the ISO 9001 certified partner companies based in the Czech Republic and meet the IPC, JEDEC, ISO and ČSN standards. We supply all the key material for the assembly from our own warehouse. The assembling company always delivers only passive SMD resistors and capacitors. The embedded printed circuit boards are then subjected to optical inspection, X-ray inspection (BGA packages) and other inspections. Assembled PCBs are then taken for final testing in our factory.

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