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MB-SECURE Buses Extension over LAN

The unique technology of transmitted data processing guarantees reliable communication of alarm system bus even when streaming from IP cameras, communication of building automation systems and other installed systems. And moreover, LAN-RING has been repeatedly certified according to EN 50131-1 as a transmission route suitable for systems with a high degree of risk. Since, the 3rd generation, it has also supported the BUS-2 system busses of the MB-SECURE security platform.

  • Multifunctional Communication System
  • Working Temperatures −40°C to +70°C
  • Bidirectional Communication via One Fiber
  • Universally Used on MM and SM Fibers
  • Redundant Ring Topology
  • Preparations for Certification EN 50131-1

Typical LAN-RING Connection with MB-SECURE Platform

One of the important advantages of LAN-RING is the ability to transmit system bus data of selected alarm systems (I&HAS). One of them is the BUS-2 of the modular MB-SECURE platform. BUS-2 buses are converted with miniLAN-4B2 to multicast communication in dedicated VLANs with high QoS priority. Thanks to these and other features, we are able to guarantee reliable communication over long distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the miniLAN-4B2 be connected to any Ethernet switch?
The converters are designed exclusively for connection to LAN-RING switches.

What is the maximum BUS-2 bus length behind miniLAN-4B2 converters?
We recommend that you do not exceed a distance of 300m and a maximum of 30 modules per bus.

Does optical fiber length negatively affect BUS-2 transmission?
The influence is negligible. Each kilometer of the fiber delays the signal by only about 5µs.

Is the number of serial buses transmitted over LAN-RING limited?
It is not.

Updated: 03. 03. 2020