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METEL s.r.o.
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Czech Republic

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Dear customers,

During our long years in the field of development and manufacturing of communication devices, we have participated in a number of successful projects.

On these webpages, we present the ones, that are from our point of view the most interesting

  • Solutions of customer's requests
  • Competitive advantages of our products
  • Integration projects

We highly honour your interest in our products and appreciate any suggestions from you, our customers. Please send your comments, suggestions, photos of applications or ideas for further development tothe e-mail tomas.metelka(



Renewable energy sources are still an undervalued gift of nature and a path to a so-called green, low-carbon economy. It is important to think not only economically, but because of the state of our planet ,to take responsibility for its future and to redirect the generation of our children from commerce back to common sense. It's not a simple of course. For decades, we have been living in a fortunate era of energy monopolies. We regularly pay invoices and forget that almost free energy is available for all of us. Perhaps,you will argue that the price of kWh produced using your own solar, hydropower or wind power plant is not always lower than the one bought. However, in particular, a sense of independence and respect for the environment adds an extra invaluable value to it. I personally verified it, after buying a land behind town. Electricity, water, and gas are so out of reach we can not rely on them. In the spring ,I plaanted a vineyard, a few fruit trees and vegetables. That's why I started looking for a way to get enough energy for a planned security system and pumping water from a well. In such a situation I recommend starting to "google". A combined ideas, and added my own know-how and tried it out. In Czech we say that "No scholar fell from the sky", so if something goes wrong the first time, try, try and try it again, ...


The aim of connecting separate safety and automation systems into a single system is to give each individual part additional added value. Without them, connection loses sense. METEL has long time experience in the development and production of network elements that enables such connections at the following levels:


Although it may seem that the potential for improving security, automation and IT systems have been exhausted and there is no further room for improvement, this in fact is not true. Many organizations have invested in the development of these systems heavily in recent years and they are now logically thinking of how to most effectively use and develop the systems further. In the coming years, this trend, together with increasing demands for cost effectiveness, will continue.
We see all these trends on a long-term basis and we are trying to design the most effective solution for them. This has, among other things, been reflected in the implementation of a whole range of Event Management tools and devices of IPLOG and LAN-RING systems. We are thus able to evaluate an impulse that originated in one system and pass it onto another system.

Process Visualization


IFTER EQU is an information system for visualization, integration and security systems management and also for building automation and their control from monitoring centres. Integrated support of access control system, camera systems, alarm systems, fire alarm systems or building automation enable the setting of reactions of one system to the events of another, e.g. displaying of video from the camera in the room with an alarm.


Overvoltage is a physical phenomenon which, for various reasons and from time to time, occurs and spreads in electrical systems. The most common causes of overvoltage can be divided into:
- Atmospheric overvoltage during storms
- Overvoltage resulting from discharge of static electricity
- Transients caused by switching on and off
- Transients occuring in cases of failure

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Thank to all visitors of the ADRIA SUMMIT 2017
Training in Beograd
Axis Boot Camp 2017
We invite you to Adria Security Summit which is an unique annual conference and exhibition of the Adriatic region's security industry.
We invite you to the largest exhibition of the security technologies in Central Europe SECUREX 2016.
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