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METEL s.r.o.
Žižkův kopec 617
552 03 Česká Skalice
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 491 45 33 52

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2G-2C.8S.0.0.F-BOX Managed Industrial Switches
Order name Description Code
2G-2C.8S.0.0.F-BOX Industrial switches for ring topology with 2x COMBO ports (SFP/RJ45), 8x SFP slots 100BASE-X, 2x RS485 / 1x RS422, 2x digital inputs with balanced loop support, 2 supply inputs, 1x programmable relay, Supports integration software, Event management with support: cameras control via HTTP/ONVIF, balanced loops, digital inputs, MIOS modules and sensors, E-mail, IP watchdogs, ETH events, TCP events......; Supports ring topology LAN-RING.v1 and .v2 Support VLAN, QoS, SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, IGMP, RSTP, RSTP-M, operating temperature from – 40°C to +70°C, installation on flat surface / DIN35 / to 10" rack, 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC/12VAC/24VAC/56VDC 1-878-220
PoE+ Injectors 30W (IEEE 802.3af/at)
Order name Description Code
POE-PSE-30-BOX 1-port PoE injectors In accordance with IEEE 802.3af/at, maximum power output 30W (4,5 - 7,8),Operating temperatures from –40°C to +70°C, PoE line overvoltage protections: transil + lightning arrester, installation on flat surface or DIN35, 12VDC/24VDC 4-100-300

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FO Converters for DSC, PARADOX and SATEL System Buses
Order name Description Code
FIWRE-S-PDS FO set TDW a RDW-PDS, installation on flat surface or DIN35, 12VDC, fiber optic connector SC/PC 1-004-290
Fibre Optic Converters Video
Order name Description Code
FIBRE-6000 Universal set video for MM/SM, SC connectors, FM (1x transmitter TS-V-BOX/12-24 + 1x receiver RS-V-BOX/12-24), installation on flat surface or DIN35, 12VDC/24VDC/12VAC/24VAC, fiber optic connector SC/PC 260-048
2FIBRE-6000 2x universal video set for MM/SM, SC connector, FM (2x transmitter TS-V-BOX/12-24 + receiver 2RS-V-BOX/12-24), installation on flat surface or DIN35, 12VDC/24VDC/12VAC/24VAC, fiber optic connector SC/PC 260-046
2FIBRE-6000/RACK 2x universal video set for MM/SM, SC connector, FM (2x transmitter TS-V-BOX/12-24 + receiver 2RS-V-RACK), 12VDC/24VDC/12VAC/24VAC/BREAK-RACK/3U-SU, fiber optic connector SC/PC 260-047
TW - Economy Sets
Order name Description Code
TW-508 Economy set of twisted pair converters for 8 cameras, 8x transmitter TW-TX + 1x receiver TW-RX, gradual frequency corrections, adjustable gains, fine overvoltage protections, 12VDC/24VDC/12VAC/24VAC 260-051

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Electric Microphones for IP cameras and Their Accessories
Order name Description Code
TWA-ATX-PoE-BOX TWA-ATX-PoE-BOX replaces microphones TWA-MIC-1Vpp and TWA-MIC/12-24, amplifiers are designed for connection to IP cameras with line audio inputs, connects directly to the DVR, audio transmission over twisted pair cables, PoE supply, 2x RJ45, 1x input for connecting a microphone, 1x line out / twist output, installation on flat surface or DIN35, 48VDC/PoE (PoE+) 3-100-725

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TWISTER - Twisted Pair Video Converters from 0 to 1200m
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Outdoor temperature and humidity in Česká Skalice

IPSEN-sensor TH2 is installed on the south wall of the production building. The control unit IPLOG-DELTA reads the measured data via the RS485 MIOS bus and stores it in a MySQL database. The last recorded data is available HERE.



We have prepared a new series of standardized switch gears certified in accordance with EN 61439-1.Currently, we are testing the new switches in outdoor settings. In the picture the picture you will see a switchboard with a thermostat and heater for applications where it is necessary to use equipment with a commercial operating temperature range from 0 °C. We monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as humidity, as well as logging the on and off times of the heater. Measured values are available at: For measurements we use our own specially designed sensors IPSEN-TH1, TH2 and-control unit IPLOG DELTA.


20,0 °C
18. 06. 2019 23:27:12

67,7 %
18. 06. 2019 23:24:04

24,0 °C
18. 06. 2019 23:25:41

44,2 %
18. 06. 2019 23:27:06