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METEL s.r.o.
Žižkův kopec 617
552 03 Česká Skalice
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 491 45 33 52

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About us

The beginnings of the Czech company METEL date back to the end of the previous century, particularly to May 1996. Under this name a family business of Josef Metelka Sr., Tomas Metelka,
Josef Metelka Jr. and Jiri Meier was established. Our business was oriented to electrical and metal production with metal production dominating. Electrical production was focused mainly on the sale of overvoltage protections.

Since, we had many of our own ideas and a passion to put them into action we established the new METEL Ltd. in September 2002 with Tomas Metelka and Josef Metelka Jr. as executives. At that time electrical production clearly prevailed and we started to develop and produce our own products. Our beginnings may now seem unbelievable - made from scratch,the first METEL devices were born: amplifiers, separators,and later very successful optical converters up to today's newest products conforming to European standards. All the devices are tested and certified by the inspection authority TÜV and by other testing laboratories for security, fire safety and other systems.

We have set clear priorities which we would be unwilling to compromise in any phase of our economical, social and personal development:


QUALITY does not represents only fully functional, safe and fast supplied product but also technical support and customer service. We don't produce consumption „waste", i.e. cheap, minimized converters having planned durability = warranty period. Traditionally, even at the cost of lesser price competitiveness, we keep high standards and offer products with anticipated durability more than 1 mil. hours. Therefore, all supplied converters are implicitly equipped with overvoltage protections.

COMPLEXITY does not consist only in integrated lines of communicating and co-operating devices. Thanks to years of experience, we offer co-operation on planned projects so that the proposed results are logical, economically acceptable and secure, with a minimized risk of potential problems. At the same time we organize workshops for designers, cost accountants, sales workers and system administrators. In our call center for technical support we are ready to solve your problems in Czech, Polish and English.

METEL development department reacts CREATIVELY to the changes and needs of market. We develop new state of the art devices, customize our products for particular projects and we listen to suggestions and the wishes of our customers.

We offer and demand dealing in the name of FAIR PLAY in order to accomplish satisfaction of all participants.

ISO 9001:2009 certificate


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